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"One of the projects of art is to reconcile us with the world, not by protest, irony, or political metaphors, but by the ecstatic contemplation of pleasure in nature. Repeatedly, artists offer us a glimpse of a universe into which we can move without strain. It is not the world as it is, but as our starved senses desire it to be: neither hostile nor indifferent, but full of meaning -- the terrestrial paradise whose gate was not opened by the mere fact of birth."

"Asian Mood"


"Asian Mood", Oil on Canvas, 60 " by 90"

Click photo for a video of "Asian Mood"

Waves and Water

Waves and Water






Winter Landscapes

and Pastels


-- excerpted from The Shock of the New by Robert Hughes


"My work reflects a blending of vision between my childhood memories in France where I grew up and my life in the US for the past twenty years. The landscapes are not actual places but rather memories of light or depictions of my emotional state of mind at the time that the painting was created.

The landscapes are dreamlike and put together like stage sets. They are images whose edges are softened by the layering of memory over time. They are scenes in which motion is suspended; where the ensuing composition is all important. The spaces depicted in the paintings stay enclosed and private while they are swept by a strange, unifying light."



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